Chinese man abducted to Singapore as a child reunites with birth parents 28 years later

Chinese man abducted to Singapore as a child reunites with birth parents 28 years later
Kai Ye reunites with his visibly emotional parents in Sichuan on Sept 12, nearly 30 years after he was kidnapped as a child.
PHOTO: Douyin

They say that people leave, but hearts never forget.

Nearly 30 years after a man in China was forcibly separated from his family, they met again in a tearful reunion.

The now 32-year-old Kai Ye (transliteration) remembers that he was abducted 28 years ago at a market and taken to Guangdong, where he stayed for one to two years, Chinese media Riverside Video reported.

He was then brought to Singapore, where he has lived ever since.

Kai Ye only remembers that he was born in 1992, abducted in 1994 and has an older brother.

Even with no other memories of his childhood in China, he held out hope that someday, he could reunite with his birth family.

In July 2021, Kai Ye registered his information through Baobei Huijia ('precious one, come home' in Chinese) Volunteer Association, an NGO which helps reunite missing children with their families, 8world reported.

As Kai Ye resides abroad in Singapore, they faced difficulty in organising information and collecting blood samples from Kai Ye, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, the organisation said.

Volunteers made a breakthrough in their search in July this year after a woman chanced upon a Douyin video with Kai Ye's information and contacted them, suspecting that he might be her missing child.

The woman reportedly told volunteers that her younger child, named Zhang Tao (transliteration), was born in Sichuan in 1991 and disappeared near a vegetable market in 1995.

Seeing that the information provided was somewhat consistent with what Kai Ye remembers, the organisation immediately arranged for a DNA paternity test, which confirmed that the woman is Kai Ye's biological mother.

On Tuesday (Sept 12), Kai Ye and his wife flew to Sichuan and finally reunited with his birth parents in a tear-jerking get-together.

Videos of their moving reunion show Kai Ye embracing his weeping mother while his father gazes tenderly at his son, struggling to hold back his tears.

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