Hangry student? Teen in China beats up teacher for allegedly releasing class late for lunch

PHOTO: Screengrab/Weibo

A hungry man is an angry man. In this case, a teenager in China punched his teacher after she allegedly held the class back from lunch break.

CCTV footage of the assault, which took place in a secondary school in Hunan on Nov 10, soon made its rounds on social media.

In the clip, the student was seen banging his fist on his desk in frustration during her lesson. Seconds later. he rushed to the teacher's lectern and started swinging his fist at her.

Other students were stunned by the sudden attack.

They watched on as their classmate rained punches on their teacher, which resulted in several cuts and bruises around her eyes and cheeks.

Several students jumped in to restrain the teen and managed to stop him. 

The incident is currently under investigation, Chinese media reported.

After viewing the clip, the reactions from Weibo users were mixed. While some of them expressed outrage, others empathised with the student over his violent outburst. 

"Even though the teacher ended the class late, but who was it for? If the student can't stand it, just go home and have a meal. You don't have to beat up your teacher. This kind of violent student must be expelled."
PHOTO: Screengrab/Weibo
"Those who've been to school would know, there'll only be vegetables left in the canteen when you go there late. When it's time to eat, lessons should not continue dragging on." 
PHOTO: Screengrab/Weibo

This is one of the latest videos capturing violent behaviour in schools.

In July, a teacher in Taiwan had a meltdown and flipped over several tables while walking around the classroom. 

Investigations revealed the teacher got frustrated as her students were inattentive in class after returning from a semester of home-based learning.