Outcry against Chinese restaurant which gives discounts according to breast sizes

Being drop-dead gorgeous doesn't get you the biggest discount at this Chinese restaurant.

You've got to be incredibly busty, regardless of looks, to enjoy a meal at a massive bargain at this place in Hangzhou city.

Trendy Shrimp (aka Chao Xia in Mandarin) was the latest restaurant in China to offer discounts in a gimmicky promotion based on a bodily asset such as being model-slim or as pretty as Fan Bingbing.

Obviously targeting at those with ample bosoms, the discounts ranged from a measly 5 per cent for A-cuppers to a whopping 65 per cent for those with a G-cup breast size.

It didn't take long for the authorities to put a stop to the discriminatory, breast-obsessed campaign after a public outcry with many demanding a crackdown on its sexist bent, reported Qianjiang Evening News

Last week, the restaurant, which specialises in seafood like baby lobsters, was forced to take down a big poster showing drawings of female anime characters with different chest sizes and the corresponding discounts. Some residents had complained to a local council that the poster was "vulgar" and the promotion discriminatory against women.

But a restaurant manager was happy to report that it enjoyed about a 20 per cent jump in business when it was able to run the campaign for three days, according to Apple Daily.

Despite criticisms, the publicity stunt obviously worked for the restaurant for a while. It might have to find another good excuse to hoot about.