Woman in China dies after shielding son, 5, from exploding electric scooter

It was a split-second decision.

When an electric scooter that was left charging at the foot of an apartment block caught fire and exploded, a woman shielded her five-year-old son from the blast with her body.

Mother and child were walking to a garden near their home in Liaoning, China, on Nov 3 when tragedy struck.

Residents who witnessed the accident immediately called emergency services for help, but it was too late for the 34-year-old woman.

Rescue workers rushed the pair to a hospital but she succumbed to her injuries en route.

Due to his grave injuries, the child was transferred to a total of five hospitals that night in hopes of saving his life.

With severe burns all over his body, the boy remained in a critical condition, Chinese media reported. He also lost his sight from the accident.

Despite doctors' best efforts, he died four days later, The Paper reported.

According to the deceased's family, only the woman's chest and abdomen were unhurt from the blast because she had wrapped her body around her son.

Local authorities are now investigating the case, which is believed to be caused by a defective e-scooter battery.