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Woman in China forks out $8,600 in compensation for stuffing leftover food into handbag at buffet

Woman in China forks out $8,600 in compensation for stuffing leftover food into handbag at buffet
Surveillance footage showed the woman with a table full of food placing leftovers in a bag.
PHOTO: Baidu

It's one thing to overindulge at buffets, but quite another to steal the leftovers. 

A woman in China was forced to fork out nearly 45,000 yuan (S$8,600) in compensation after she was caught stealing leftovers at a buffet restaurant.

The diner surnamed Wen, was caught on surveillance footage ordering more than what she could eat and using several pre-prepared plastic bags to pack leftovers under the table before sneaking them into her handbag.

The manager of the restaurant, surnamed Wu told the Chinese media outlet Hongxing News that Wen was seen visiting the restaurant in Guizhou province five times in over two weeks back in August 2022.

Wu added that the restaurant charged 218 yuan per person for the buffet and each time she ordered, it was 10,000 yuan worth of food – 10 times more than most people.

The restaurant owner surnamed Chen told Hongxing News that in one of the bills, Wen ordered 45 servings of three sweet shrimps (priced at 48 yuan each), 20 servings of three salmon sashimi (priced at 38 yuan each), and another 140 servings of meat and dessert.

Because of the enormous amount of food, Chen assumed that the woman was a “competitive eater” like those she had seen in online influencer videos.

Only to realise after that Wen was taking most of the food away.

In the interview with Hongxing News, Wen claimed she carelessly ordered more than she could eat and took the leftovers away because “it would be a waste otherwise”.

The restaurant sued Wen for nearly 45,000 yuan for her five recorded binges as the restaurant clearly displayed signs saying “waste over 100g or takeaway needs to be paid according to the menu pricing” which were placed on the cashier desk and at every table.

Wen, who initially refused to pay, did so under legal threat and an additional 8,000 yuan in legal costs, according to the owner.

According to the South China Morning Post, the case caught the attention of many on mainland social media with many slamming Wen's behaviour, claiming it to be a shameless and greedy act.

“This is not eating buffet, but stocking her refrigerator,” said one.

Many applauded the restaurant as well for how it was “beautifully” handled and resolved. 

Devouring 300 crabs, 50 boxes of durians at buffet

Earlier this month, a group of seven diners in eastern China’s Shandong province shocked many online after they ate more than 300 crabs, 80 cups of dessert and 50 boxes of durian flesh.

Taking up three tables, the viral video of them eating showed the tables flooded with empty dishes stacked on top each other and hundreds of crab shells laid out across their tables. 

One of the group members surnamed Zhang, told Star Video that he and his friends have big appetites and claimed that it was the norm for people in their age group to consume such large amounts of food. 

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