Woman in China throws bags of faeces from flat for 2 months, caught after poop splatters on man

Woman in China throws bags of faeces from flat for 2 months, caught after poop splatters on man
A woman threw down bags of faeces from her flat for two months.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Modern Express

We all feel a little lazy sometimes, but how lazy can you get?

For one woman in China, her laziness led to her throwing bags of faeces from her flat for two months, Chinese publication Modern Express reported on Thursday (April 11).

Why? The toilet bowl in her flat was clogged and she found the weather too hot to go downstairs to dispose of her excrement.

In June 2023, the residents of a high-rise building in Changzhou noticed that someone had been throwing bags of faeces down, which often splattered on the ground below.

"The black garbage bags [with faeces] were usually found around eight or nine in the morning and sometimes on the footpath in front of the building or hanging from bushes and trees," the community cleaner, surnamed Sun, said.

"It splashes everywhere and is difficult to clean. It needs to be washed many times with a bucket."

An investigation was launched by the property's management, but no one owned up.

The management then installed surveillance equipment at the residential building across the road, in the hopes of catching the culprit red-handed.

In August, a man, surnamed Zhou, was walking near the building in the morning when a black bag  landed just a metre away from him, Modern Express reported.

"It was full of faeces and exploded, causing a few drops to splash on my face," he said.

After he complained to the management, the video footage was reviewed and it showed that the bag was thrown from a flat on the 10th floor.

The police were called to the scene and it was discovered that the flat was rented out to several tenants.

One of them, a woman surnamed Wang, admitted to being the tenant who threw the bags of faeces out of the flat. She explained that the toilet in the flat was clogged so she rarely used it.

Since the weather in June was too hot, she was too lazy to dispose of her excrement properly and decided to throw it down the building instead.

She had also apparently thrown kitchen waste and a cutting board out of the flat, Modern Express reported.

On April 9 this year, Wang was sentenced to three months in jail and fined 2,000 yuan (S$374.97) throwing objects out of a high-rise building.

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