After a weekend spent hate-watching Singapore Social, here’s what netizens have to say

PHOTO: Netflix Singapore

Ah, Singapore Social. Where does one even begin? When Netflix dropped the trailer for a reality show revolving around the country’s socialites (or socialite-adjacent), the backlash it garnered crushed all hope that it would be any good.

And I completely see why it got as much disapproval as it did — Netflix marketed it as a look into the challenges that “young Singaporeans” face. Which technically ain’t wrong, but when the “young Singaporeans” in subject are well-off, well-connected and are sitting comfortably in the higher rungs of the social ladder, it’s probably hard to feel anything close to sympathy for their apparently-not-scripted predicaments. I don’t know, maybe it’s because my parents can’t afford to fly me over to New York just to shop around for schools to study in.

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Then Singapore Social actually went live on our Netflix home pages on Friday (Nov 22) and it wasn’t too difficult to miss thanks to the font they used for the title logo. It did a great job in portending the quality of the content itself, which was an absolute cringe-fest. 

Through all the vapid conversations, the petty plights, the out-of-touch individuals, the lack of genuine chemistry between them, the level of pretence and pretentiousness, Singapore Social is… entertaining? Enjoyable in the sense that it’s fun to yell at the screen and ridicule the awkwardness of it all.

Hate-watching in its purest form.

Critical acclaim be damned; Netflix probably burst through their KPIs when it came to online buzz about Singapore Social. Over the weekend, Twitter and Facebook lit up with sweet, sweet rants about the show, creating a communal experience in how we all survived (or gave up) getting through all eight episodes. Take a gander below.

😂 Watched 5 mins switch to twilight

Posted by Stanly Neo Song Shen on Sunday, November 24, 2019

Watched Singapore Social on Netflix... I want to punch all the characters in the face... privileged rich kids make me cringe

Posted by Mohd Radzi on Saturday, November 23, 2019

are you still watching? 👉🏻

Posted by YEOLO on Saturday, November 23, 2019