Anti-McSpicy grandpa is back and taking on dalgona coffee in another viral clip

Anti-McSpicy grandpa is back and taking on dalgona coffee in another viral clip
PHOTO: YouTube screengrab

Everyone’s favourite nonagenarian who tried a McSpicy burger for the first time (and was not loving it) is back. This time, the sprightly 91-year-old took a crack at another fare treasured by Singaporean millennials: dalgona coffee. 

Encouraged by the overwhelming response to his first video, Emerson Gideon Ng took to the Subtle Asian Traits Facebook group once again to feature his now-famous grandfather trying out the fluffy, pillowy drink that everyone started crafting at home during the Covid-19 lockdown. 

Of course, the elderly man wasn’t able to do it all on his own — whisking together instant coffee, sugar and water with one hand for 10 minutes needs younger vigour. As his granddaughter helped out with the tiresome whisking, he responded to Ng’s remark about his new-found fans online. 

“Do you know that many people commented that you are cute?” Ng asked his grandfather in Teochew. 

“Don’t talk nonsense!” the grandfather laughed. 


Eventually, the time came for the actual taste test. But not before the rest of his family intervened when he tried to drink the dalgona coffee without stirring in the super-sweet fluff into the milk first. 

“Actually, there’s not much taste,” the grandpa laughed after taking just one sip and getting up from the table immediately. Yeap, another nonsensical millennial favourite bites the dust. 

He certainly likes his snacks old school though — the last portion of the video shows him munching happily on a chunk of boiled corn as he watches his grandson edit the footage. 

Ng’s post unsurprisingly went viral again on Subtle Asian Traits, now sporting thousands of comments, likes and engagement. With a new YouTube channel set up to host the videos, it’s likely that this wouldn’t be the last undertaking we'd see from the 91-year-old.

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