In viral clip, 91-year-old grandad tries a McSpicy burger for the first time and hates it

PHOTO: Video screengrab

Sheltering in place during the Covid-19 outbreak has offered folks a chance to spend more quality time at home with their family and trying out new things. 

In the case of Emerson Gideon Ng, he guided his 91-year-old grandad through a new experience: eating Singapore’s cult favourite McDonald’s order, the McSpicy burger. 

Much has been said about the chicken sandwich from the fast-food chain, including its effects on bowel movements. Its absence was indelibly felt when the fast-food chain closed temporarily due to the coronavirus, prompting many Singaporeans to question their own identity. 

But back to our adventurous nonagenarian. Last Friday (May 15), Ng shared footage of his grandfather’s horrified reactions to the McSpicy on the Subtle Asian Traits Facebook page. Of course, it went viral, it’s Subtle Asian Traits. 

Where do we even begin? The fact that he looks strapping and healthy for a 91-year-old? How for 91 years in existence he’s never tried Singapore’s unofficial national burger? How he’s adorably eating a burger with a spoon and fork? How he doesn’t find it spicy at all? How he, in typical uncle fashion, needs kopi to wash it all down in the end? 

Perhaps that is his secret to longevity — just not eat McSpicy burgers at all.