Apple explains why Stage Manager only works on M1-powered iPads

The Stage Manager feature in Apple's iPadOS 16.
PHOTO: Apple

Apple has issued a statement on why Stage Manager in iPadOS 16 only works on M1-powered iPad models.

The company says Stage Manager requires "large internal memory, incredibly fast storage, and flexible external display I/O, all of which are delivered by iPads with the M1 chip".

This is made possible by iPadOS 16's new virtual memory swap feature, which makes use of the iPad storage to "expand the available memory for all apps and delivers up to 16GB of memory for the most demanding apps."

iPadOS 16 will be available in fall and is compatible with iPad (5th gen and later), iPad mini (5th gen and later), iPad Air (3rd gen and later), and all iPad Pro models.

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This article was first published in Hardware Zone.