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Apple Music lets users play their own choice of songs on PlayStation 5

Apple Music lets users play their own choice of songs on PlayStation 5
PHOTO: Geek Culture

For those who love to choose the tunes they listen to while gaming, taking the audio experience into their own hands, Apple Music subscribers can now access the streaming service's catalogue of 90 million songs, playlists from their own libraries, and other curated playlists on the PlayStation 5.

Yes, Apple Music will be integrated with the PlayStation 5 experience, and players can now listen to what they want before, during, and after their gameplay session.

Users can start the Apple Music app both before and during a game by pressing the PlayStation button on their DualSense wireless controller, accessing the Control Center, and selecting the Music Function card.

Subscribers can also watch music videos through the Apple Music app, enjoying the music videos of their favourite songs right on their PlayStation 5.

This is essentially a seamless approach to having Apple Music accessible and easily used on the Sony console.

This is good news for users who are part of Apple's ecosystem, and who enjoy a bespoke selection of music over what the games they play come with.

The PlayStation 5 already had integration with Spotify, but with this addition, those who were already part of Apple's ecosystem can join in the fun as well.

Or for those still on the fence regarding getting that Apple Music subscription, this could be the extra nudge needed for them to come to a decision.

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This article was first published in Geek Culture.

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