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Catch exclusive Pokemon Go characters at Singapore's Safari Zone at Gardens By The Bay

Catch exclusive Pokemon Go characters at Singapore's Safari Zone at Gardens By The Bay
PHOTO: Geek Culture

The fourth Pokemon Go Safari Zone of 2022 will be taking place at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore from Nov 18 to 20.

The event marks a collaboration with Pokemon Air Adventures, allowing event ticket holders to access exclusive Pokemon Air Adventures gameplay.

Within the event space, trainers will be able to come across and catch Pokemon such as Alolan Meowth, Lapras, and Flying Pikachu (with multicolored balloons or with purple balloons). Maractus, which is usually only found in certain regions, will also be making an appearance. For the first time in the game, lucky players will also have the chance to encounter Shiny Purrloin!

In addition, trainers in Singapore will be able to find Pikachu wearing a purple floral t-shirt - an exclusive new Pokemon in the game to celebrate the collaboration with Pokemon Air Adventures.

What's more, Buddy Pokemon will have an increased chance of finding Souvenirs, including an exclusive paper airplane Souvenir.

In the Pokemon Air Adventures gameplay, Mega Latias and Mega Latios will show up in Mega Raids, and Team Go Rocket will appear more frequently in balloons.

Pikachu wearing a purple t-shirt (Flower), Flying Pikachu with purple balloons, and Lapras will also appear more frequently in the wild throughout Singapore from Nov 11 to 20. Those unable to make it to Singapore can still obtain special Pokemon Air Adventures-themed stickers by spinning PokeStops or opening Gifts during this time.

Tickets to Pokemon GO Safari Zone: Singapore are on sale now. General Admission tickets are available for $17 and will grant access to gameplay within the event space at Gardens by the Bay from 12pm to 6pm on the day of your choice. Those who would like to start their adventures early at 10am can opt to purchase an Early Access ticket instead for $25.

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