Drop $78k for a Ferrari or $18k for a regular car? Steven Lim can't decide and needs your advice

Drop $78k for a Ferrari or $18k for a regular car? Steven Lim can't decide and needs your advice
PHOTO: Instagram/@Stevenlimnew

It can’t be easy being Steven Lim. The man has had a roller coaster of a life after his appearance in the audition rounds of Singapore Idol in 2004, which propelled him to varying degrees of infamy over the years since then. 

After stints in talent management, commercial acting, eyebrow plucking, and a tragic Muay Thai kickboxing match, Steven’s latest venture — performing custom shout-outs for people at $100 a pop — might be his most successful one. 

So much so that he’s now torn between purchasing a used Ferrari or a "decent but nice" car for himself. And he needs your help to decide. 

Would it be worth putting down a $78,000 downpayment to secure a pre-owned Ferarri supercar? Or would it be better to just spend $18,000 in cash to get a lower-end used car? Either way, he is able to afford it, with the proof being alleged screengrabs of his bank balances shared on Instagram.


Perhaps it shouldn’t be that surprising that he now has the means to splurge. Since he started offering his shout-out services back in April, the 44-year-old internet celebrity has been raking in as much as $20,000 a month, according to Vulcan Post. It’s been calculated that he earns a monthly average of $7,800 just from his outrageous self-recorded videos. 


But even with $78,000 at his disposal, Steven believes that it’s a “pathetic amount”. 

“I truly agreed its meagre popcorns but with a full paid house, [I am] not shy not [embarrassed] its should comfortably well to do at least [sic]?” he wrote, expressing his envy that other influencers like Naomi Neo could afford supercars. 

The man is proud to have worked hard to earn the money, stating that he spent many sleepless nights to complete over 600 shout outs for his customers. Now, he’s crowdsourcing for advice on what to do with all the money he obtained. 

Aside from some troll comments, most of the people who responded to his plea gave some sensible advice like saving his money and investing in other ways to grow his wealth. 


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