Final Fantasy XVI's producer says the next big reveal will be in Spring 2022

Final Fantasy XVI's producer says the next big reveal will be in Spring 2022
PHOTO: Square Enix

As much as we'd like to end off the year without any further delays, we have to be the bearer of bad news for those looking forward to Final Fantasy XVI.

Apparently, due to complications caused by the pandemic, game producer Naoki Yoshida has come forward with a rather disappointing (though somewhat unsurprising) announcement.

In short, fans will have to wait till Spring 2022 for the game's next big reveal.

In a post that Square Enix published on the official FFXVI Twitter page yesterday afternoon, Yoshida-san opens with an apology, saying that due to complications stirred up by the ongoing pandemic, he will not be able to keep the team's earlier promise to fans - that they would have something big to showcase by the end of 2021.

He then goes on to explain that the slate of measures implemented to curb the spread of Covid-19 have led to the team being split up and its workforce "decentralised".

As a result, this "hampered communication from the Tokyo office", leading to delays and cancellations of "asset deliveries" from the various outsourced talents working on FFXVI.

Accordingly, Yoshida-san offers the assurance that this additional extension will be put to good use. Among other things, the team will be further refining the experience, mechanics, and graphics for the much-hyped PlayStation 5-exclusive within this time, and barring any further complications, they will have something truly exciting to show this coming spring.

So far, most, if not all of the comments on the post have been positive ones, with many telling Square Enix to take as much time as they need to make FFXVI as absolutely bonkers as it can be.

Needless to say, such optimism is nice to hear, and in a year already filled to the brim with delays, unwelcome surprises, and negativity in general, seeing how encouraging the community can be is certainly a heartwarming sight.

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