Folks are starting to tinker with the viral KFC rice cooker recipe from Japan

PHOTO: Twitter/FromCaliko, Twitter/thebaldbakerph, Facebook/Jeff Leung

Since the dawn of mankind, one truth has remained steadfast through the centuries: you can’t go wrong when you pair chicken with rice.

Recently, we found out that the Japanese people have taken that humble culinary concept into the modern age, one filled with wondrous conveniences like fast-food restaurants and rice cookers. 

We are, of course, talking about the divine process of steeping KFC Original Recipe chicken with rice, soy sauce and chicken broth in a rice cooker.

Cook ‘em all together and the result is Devil Cooked Rice, an absolute knockout of a dish that infuses classic KFC herbs and spices into the rice, providing an apex of comforting flavours. 

Judging from the glut of other media outlets tripping over themselves to jump on the story and the masses who’ve since pledged to replicate this righteous recipe, it seems like the Japanese food hack is a hit. 

Over the weekend, folks have experimented with the fuss-free recipe and are putting the results up on social media. We’re happy to report that all of them absolutely loved what they came up with. Here’s a finger-lickin' sample of what we found.

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