Google Photos app update removes Magic Eraser on the Pixel 6, fix is on the way

Magic Eraser feature on the Google Pixel 6.
PHOTO: Google

Google's latest update for the Photos app removed Magic Eraser, a key feature on the Pixel 6.

Based on several users' reports on Reddit, the Google photos app version 5.67 removed Magic Eraser on their Pixel 6 devices. Not all users who updated the app encountered the glitch though.

In the meantime, Pixel 6 users can uninstall the update by selecting the three-dot menu on the top right corner of the Google Photos app on Google Play and selecting "uninstall updates."

A Google spokesperson told Android Central that this glitch is due to an early rollout of the software and a fix is coming very soon.

Keep your fingers crossed for the next software update to include a fix for the slow operation of the fingerprint sensor, a fix to prevent an empty battery from disabling the fingerprint sensor, and the addition of face unlock on the Pixel 6.

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This article was first published in Hardware Zone.