Gordon Ramsay responds to glowing seal of approval by Uncle Roger for nasi goreng cooking video

Gordon Ramsay responds to glowing seal of approval by Uncle Roger for nasi goreng cooking video
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Nigel Ng

As fans of Uncle Roger would know, it’s pretty hard to get his approval when it comes to fried rice. 

So far, the alter ego of Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng has laid waste to the likes of BBC Food presenter Hersha Patel and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver for their take on the Asian wok-fried staple. Probably deserved criticism too, considering the former showcased undercooked rice rinsed under tap water and the latter used chilli jam in his dish. 

Uncle Roger, however, had nothing but praise to shower on a different British chef: celebrated restaurateur and slinger of creative insults Gordon Ramsay. In his latest fried rice cooking video review, the comedian gave a glowing stamp of approval on Gordon’s take on Indonesian-style nasi goreng. 

To be fair, you would be impressed too by the Brit’s commitment to authenticity. Gordon’s ticking all the right boxes with the usage of leftover rice, fresh chillies, galangal, sambal, rendang paste and not one, but two woks. Cooking the dish in an outdoor kitchen is a bonus as well. 

It is in this episode that Uncle Roger bestowed the chef with the honorific of "Uncle" and the usage of “Fuiyoh”, the slang familiar to Malaysians and Malay Singaporeans typically exclaimed when one is highly impressed. The opposite of Uncle Roger’s trademark “haiya”, if you will. 

Gordon gamely responded in the comments section of Ng’s YouTube video.

While at it, the man also tossed in a jibe at Jamie Oliver’s chilli jam-infused fried rice on Twitter. 


Gordon’s familiarity with nasi goreng shouldn’t be surprising though. The chef travelled to Indonesia as part of his recent National Geographic programme Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted and learned about the various dishes across the archipelago straight from the people who make them on a daily basis. 


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