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Gran Turismo 7 State of Play showcase: All the exciting details

Gran Turismo 7 State of Play showcase: All the exciting details
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If you are a racing simulation fan, then you are no doubt anticipating the return of the Gran Turismo. Sony knows this very well, and at the latest State of Play showcase, Polyphony Digital finally unleashed a ton of information about Gran Turismo 7 (GT7) that will get your engines running hot.

Releasing on March 4, the 30-minute long presentation showed off plenty about the game, including the cars, the world, the graphical fidelity, and more. Here are just some of the features that were covered.

Gran Turismo 7 goes back to its roots

Gran Turismo 7 will be paying homage to its roots, and that means the return of the World Map. Gone are the menus of recent times, and back comes the big map with locations such as License Tests, Used Car Dealership, Tuning Shop, Garage, and more.

While we are not clear on the eventual car list that will be coming with the game on the first day, the team has confirmed that there will be over 400 cars available at launch. For players looking to add to their collection, you can head to Brand Central, as well as the Used Car and Legendary Car Dealerships.

Racing will be done in over 34 locations, with over 90 layouts across more than 100 events. There will be a healthy variety of activities available at each track, such as Time and Drift trials, and we can expect certain time and weather transitions for all tracks. Specific circuits, such as 24-hour races, will feature a full 24-hour cycle.

If the weather gets bad with rain, expect the moisture to affect the physics of Gran Turismo 7, with the drying line also playing a part in affecting your handling.

The new Gran Turismo Cafe will be an important part of your journey, and acts as the educational hub for those looking to get into car culture.

"Because we have such a complex system [in GT7], the Cafe is something that provides a sort of road map to the things that you can do in the game. These Menu Books, they are not going to be hard targets, but they lead the player to understand the different things that you can do in the game and it's something that will give a better understanding of the world of Gran Turismo."

Tuning is obviously something fans would want to get into, and it is definitely robust and comprehensive based on what was shown. Depending on the changes you make, the game will derive a final value via a simulated lap driven in your vehicle, ensuring that results are true to form.

Utilising the PS5 features


As for how the game will take advantage of the PlayStation 5, it does so in several ways. Players will enjoy the game at 60FPS without ray tracing during gameplay, and marvel at more beautiful sights with ray tracing during race replays, 3D stages, and Photo Mode.

3D Spatial Audio will also come into the picture, so using headphones will allow players to fully experience all of the sounds that are happening on the track, around you, and even below and above you. Haptic feedback will also transmit the differences in surface texture, the handling, and even resonance of the car's body.

The DualSense adaptive triggers will be used to good effect when it comes to the anti-lock braking systems in GT7.

Interesting additions

Other than the features that form the solid foundation of Gran Turismo 7, we also got a look at several more cool additions coming to the game. One of those is Music Rally, a mode where you will be racing against the beat of the music.

There is also a Scapes Movies function that was not detailed by the showcase, but if it is anything like Photo Scapes from GT Sport, then fans will have plenty to work with when showing off their new and fancy cars.

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