Huawei Watch Buds puts a pair of earbuds into your smartwatch

Huawei Watch Buds puts a pair of earbuds into your smartwatch
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Huawei has announced two new wearables–the Huawei Watch Buds and the Huawei FreeBuds 5.

Huawei says the Huawei Watch Buds is the industry’s first smartwatch with a magnetic pop-up cover and earbuds design, blurring the lines between true wireless earbuds (TWS) and smartwatches. They also support health monitoring features and provide users with professional data analysis and activity reward systems.

The built-in earbuds may be small but they house six sound drivers and remain as light as a feather. They’re no less well-equipped compared to many other earbuds; in fact, it has a bit more. On top of dual microphones, the Watch Buds has a bone conduction sensor built-in. The Watch Buds can pick up both vocals and ambient sound and accurately identify your voice reverberations through your bones, distinguishing it clearly from ambient noises.

These earbuds also support several health monitoring features such as automatic blood oxygen saturation detection, heart rate monitoring (TruSeen 5.0+), and sleep monitoring. It also provides professional data analysis and an activity reward system to help you cultivate good habits.

The Huawei Watch Buds watch battery can power both the watch and the headphones. It lasts up to three days on a full charge in ‘typical’ usage and up to seven days in power-saving mode. Understandably, the battery life of the earbuds will be limited and we’re looking at up to four hours of use (three hours with ANC on).

The new edition of Huawei’s earbuds has a new futuristic droplet-shaped design that maximises comfort and aesthetic appeal, which ensures that pressure is evenly distributed when an earbud is tapped. Huawei says this is a result of tens of thousands of ergonomic simulations and hundreds of optimisations to ensure that the double-C curves fit the contours of the ears.

That’s not the only thing that’s new; it’s now equipped with bass turbo technology that enables these earbuds to create tones as low as 16 Hz. In addition, a triple adaptive EQ optimises sound quality in real-time from 100 Hz to 2000 Hz to eliminate discrepancies caused by ear canal shape, wearing status, and volume level, to provide consistently excellent sound quality.

Meanwhile, the tri-mic hybrid noise cancellation circuit adapts to ear shape (it’s like a recurring theme) and wearing status. The earbuds can identify ambient noise in real time and you can adjust the noise cancellation mode on the fly.

The Huawei Watch Buds ($698) and Huawei FreBuds ($198) are now available at Huawei Experience Stores in 313@Somerset and Westgate, as well as Huawei Official Stores on Lazada (Note: Huawei Watch Buds will only be available on Huawei Official Store on Lazada from May 15, 2023) and Shopee. From now till May 14, you can claim a $20 Early Bird voucher from Huawei Official Stores on Lazada and Shopee now to enjoy a $20 discount off the FreeBuds, while stocks last.

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