'I spot a simp': Netizens roast man who defends woman linked to Orchard Towers murder

PHOTO: Instagram/@supnxt, Screengrab/Facebook

One man’s heartened devotion and defence of a woman involved in a gruesome murder has earned himself the derogatory label of being a simp. 

The woman in question is 24-year-old Natalie Siow who became internet famous and got herself a fan base after she was outed as having played a role in the Orchard Towers murder case in July last year. 

Originally facing a murder charge along with six others, her charges were downgraded after she pleaded guilty to voluntarily causing hurt with common intention and consorting with a person possessing an offensive weapon. The armed scuffle between her group and Satheesh Noel Gobidass, 31, left the latter dead with a stab wound to his neck.

Siow has since been sentenced to five months in jail. Despite the role she played in the murder, she has turned into an influencer of sorts after some folks became infatuated with her. On her Instagram account, Siow now has over 11,000 followers and dozens of posts endorsing various products. 

Simp nation

One of Siow’s many followers has since explained in a Facebook post on Oct 11 about why he believes in her redemption.

“People make mistakes, and if you follow the news, she was not charged for murder, with her charge greatly reduced along with several others,” he wrote. 

”Why should the others be denied a good future for a small mistake during a rash session?” 

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The man’s post went viral, but not for the reasons he’d like. Hundreds of comments were left on his Facebook page, declaring him to be, in internet parlance, a simp. 

As The New York Times explained in an extensive backgrounder on the label, the word is used to describe people — often men — who throw money or attention at women in a failed bid to win their affection and attention.

Urban Dictionary has a more straightforward definition: a man who is overly submissive in a cringe-inducing manner to a female for her favour but will never gain anything from it. 

The cringe is indeed real, as seen in the comments section of the Facebook post. Simp is a recurring theme. 

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Others tried to argue against the man’s hot take.

PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook

Meanwhile, the latest outcome of the ongoing case saw one of the seven people linked to the Orchard Towers murder let off with a conditional warning on Thursday (Oct 15).