Instagram influencer shares what happens in seminars run by 'internet marketing gurus' in S'pore

Instagram influencer shares what happens in seminars run by 'internet marketing gurus' in S'pore
PHOTO: Instagram / @carrinelow

It’s enough to make you install an adblocker program or (gasp!) actually pay for a YouTube Premium subscription. We’re talking, of course, about all the so-called internet marketing and wealth coaching gurus who’ve made their online presence very prominent via aggressive internet ads. 

Their methods and messages vary, but the end goal is the same: to flex on people about their supposed entrepreneurial skills in running online businesses and how you — someone without any experience in it — can be just like them. They’re even kind enough to impart their money-making and passive income strategies through training courses, and all you need to do is open your hearts, minds and wallets to them. 

But what actually goes on in these seminars? It’s a quest that Instagram influencer and comedienne Carrine Low recently went on with tongue firmly in cheek and her camera on recording mode. 

In an Instagram post yesterday (March 10), Carrine shared footage of herself attending three different seminars. Namely, the ACE Prosperity Convention (which teaches people how to use Fengshui to increase wealth), a one-on-one business coaching session with internet entrepreneur Imran Md Ali (or rather, his employee, because Imran’s on vacation in Bali) and a seminar called Ultimate Internet Profits


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What she took away from the courses was that it was easy to get rich — as long as you paid about $12,200 to learn from the marketing gurus. Are these schemes just scams though? It’s a bit of a grey area, considering that attendees are willingly paying to attend these seminars to listen to unnervingly enthusiastic speakers, and there's nothing criminal about that.

Whether the things they teach are actually useful and practical is... a whole other question.

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