Malaysian comedian parodies the pitiful video quality of so-called online financial gurus

PHOTO: YouTube / Dr Jason Leong

It’s common knowledge that so-called internet marketing and wealth coaching gurus are shady — just look at their aggressively amateur internet ads. 

The patterns between their ads are similar, Malaysian comedian Dr Jason Leong highlighted. In a hilarious video he shared yesterday (May 14), the man parodied the pitiful stylistic calibre of self-promo clips put out by these “financial gurus”. 

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Posted by Dr Jason Leong Comedy on Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The parodic ad is part of a segment from a video he originally posted on May 8, in which he goes into length about these self-made internet marketing experts. 

“These people, they’re trying to sell the idea that they’re very rich and very successful… but they can’t seem to even have the money to buy proper audio equipment,” he pondered. 

“And for some reason, they’re all Chinese and they speak rather bad English.” 

These supposed entrepreneurs have been the source of amusement and scorn by folks who see through what they’re attempting to sell: expensive packages for courses with vague motivational speeches and lessons that could have been acquired for free through the internet. Tell-tale signs and jargons include “passive income”, “online business” and “affiliate marketing”.

Back in March, local Instagram influencer and comedienne Carrine Low went on a journey to find out what exactly goes on in these seminars, and what she discovered is that everyone can learn how to get rich... as long as they’ve got thousands of dollars to spare for the lessons