Popcat madness: Nations vie for top spot in engrossing online game

Popcat madness: Nations vie for top spot in engrossing online game
PHOTO: Screengrab from popcat.click

Taiwan's in top spot, Thailand isn't far behind while Malaysia holds steady in third place.

This isn't the result of any Olympics sports. It's Popcat, arguably the most addictive online game right now.

The premise of the game is simple. Head over to the website and a meme image of an adorable feline appears.

All you have to do is tap (on your phone) or click (on your mouse). Yes, that is literally it. No need for strategies or thinking even. 

Every tap on the cat gains you a point. Plus, you'll hear the kitty make a 'pop' sound and see it make a cute O-shaped mouth too.

The game will continue to keep track of the points you gained from when you first visited the website.

More importantly, your points contribute to a national tally. That's how Popcat ropes you in.

Now that you're aware that points contribute to a team score (your country's nonetheless), there comes the never say die attitude and willingness to succeed.

Taking a look at the global leaderboard, it's mind-boggling how this ridiculously simple game has taken the world by storm.

Taiwan and Thailand are clearly in love with this silly cat — their combined total makes up more than half of the worldwide scores.

Malaysia had the advantage of a politician, Syed Saddiq, getting involved in a bit of Popcat fun. 

On Aug 14, the 29-year-old tweeted his impressive score along with three 'face exhaling' emojis. Popcat is clearly something he's passionate about.

You've probably realised that Singapore isn't currently in the top 14. Our little nation is in 25th place, battling it out with the United States while trying to keep the likes of Armenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina behind.

For now, Taiwan and Thailand are vying for the top spot.

And from what we can see on Twitter, some players have revealed the secret to those high scores.

Till then, happy popping.

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