Sing Together Singapore: All the hilarious moments, memes, and viral commentary

PHOTO: Facebook/Mariah Samat; Twitter/@kevinssunflowe

Last Saturday (April 25) saw Singaporeans across the island band together and pay tribute to the country’s front-liners and migrant workers amidst the coronavirus outbreak… by generating a whole lot of noise outside their windows. 

Well, it was supposed to be a mass singalong of classic National Day tune Home. Sing Together Singapore was an initiative led by the media industry to get the country to express solidarity with everyone during the circuit breaker, no matter if they’re observing safe distancing measures by staying at home or if they’re out there working in the frontlines. 

The endeavour to get the choral homage in residential estates fell a wee bit short, however, when most folks decided to take the opportunity to just yell their hearts out in lieu of, you know, actually singing together. 

It’s understandable though — bottled-up tension and stress from being stuck at home until June 1 need to be let out. 

But that’s not to say that there weren’t any actual singing going on. 

There was a legitimately beautiful moment that night. 

And of course, hilarious ones too. 

Singaporeans be Singaporeans, even when it comes to cheering from r/singapore

The situation proved ripe for local meme lords to churn out content. 

While others had Strong Opinions to express about the initiative.