Singaporean woman re-enacts 'true horror stories' by way of short films on her IGTV channel

PHOTO: IGTV / @qryxtiianaqiah

Lots of us have taken up new hobbies during the pandemic, be it gaming or painting miniature figures

For Naqiah, however, her escapism involved her trading the horrors of a global virus to the horrors of the supernatural. And it’s all delivered through a series of now-viral Instagram TV videos, which she shoots and edits with a team. 

The Singaporean video producer has been posting short films under her personal Instagram page (@qryxtiianaqiah) based on what she claims to be actual events. “True horror stories,” she calls them.

So far, Naqiah has posted only four chilling videos on IGTV, but they’ve garnered as much as 147,000 views individually. The popularity of her bite-sized clips might stem from the simplicity of it all — the videos are presumably recorded on a smartphone camera with some editing to replicate a point-of-view experience, while the vertical format is fit for playing on a phone screen. 

According to an interview with Plan B, Naqiah has been making the videos since early June and was encouraged by the attention they’ve received. Particular about the quality of her videos being shared (apparently, people have been ripping her clips and reposting them elsewhere), she is considering posting her work on Facebook, too.

Already, she is re-sharing her IGTV videos on YouTube, though the views aren’t as large as the numbers seen on Instagram. 

Her videos have been effective enough to cause a bit of a controversy when some believed that her films are actual found footage. Naqiah had to put out a disclaimer that her videos are re-enactment of events.