Want a free Overwatch 2 PVP beta key? Here are some tips to make it easier

Want a free Overwatch 2 PVP beta key? Here are some tips to make it easier
Overwatch 2 is Activision Blizzard's next highly-anticipated game. Beta access is available now till May 17 so long as you have an access key.
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Overwatch 2 PVP beta keys have been doled out in waves through emails, but not everyone will be receiving them. Instead, some will have to rely on Twitch.

Those in Singapore who didn't receive keys through email will need to clock four hours of view time between 1am and 9am tomorrow (April 28) to receive Twitch-dropped keys for access to the beta ending on May 17.

Although the hours are inconvenient, here are some tips — courtesy of this Reddit thread — to make things easier, provided you've already linked your Twitch account to your Blizzard account.

Work with your need for sleep

Set an alarm. When it wakes you, simply roll out of bed, log on to Twitch and open one of the livestreams that have key drops available, then roll right back to sleep.

Alternatively, you could also leave the livestream on before sleeping so you can get your beauty rest. Twitch should automatically start clocking hours when the streamer goes live.

If you're worried about your device running out of battery while you're sleeping, set another alarm to wake yourself up once you've clocked the four-hour requirement.

Get the Twitch application on your phone

Most people have smartphones nowadays, but not many use Twitch's own app. 


If you need to leave home early for work or school, consider downloading the app and leaving a stream running while you're out and about.

Also, don't forget about your data usage. If you need to, you can adjust the stream resolution down to 160p or reduce data consumption even further with the application's 'audio-only' mode.

Double-check the duration of the stream


If you intend to leave your computer running overnight, remember to double-check if the stream runs for at least four hours so you can hit the minimum view time.

To start, here are some local Twitch streamers that you can hop in to watch and accumulate hours, although they only stream for three hours each.

Xenofly (Livestreaming from 1am to 4am)

An ex-player of Singapore's own Overwatch World Cup team, Xenofly is one of the more famous Overwatch players to have represented our country on the global stage. 

Crescent (Livestreaming from 6am to 9am)

Currently a student at NTU, Crescent is a well-known member of the Singaporean Overwatch community, having been the project head of a recent collegiate tournament in Singapore.

With these two livestreams combined, you have more than enough to get your four hours.

If would rather look for other livestreamers to watch, be sure to check this list.

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