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Is 2000s boy band Energy coming back? All 5 members reportedly sign with Mayday's B'in music

Is 2000s boy band Energy coming back? All 5 members reportedly sign with Mayday's B'in music
From left: Ady (Edy Hsiao), Toro (Kuo Wei-Yun), Milk (Nick Yeh), Chang Shu-Wei and Hsieh Kun-Da.
PHOTO: Facebook/Nick Yeh

If you are a millennial, it is likely you will remember Taiwanese boy band Energy.

Known for their boyish charms, smooth dance moves and catchy raps, they were active in the Mandopop scene in the early to mid-2000s and were famous for songs like Let Go, Come On, One Day and Invincible.

In 2009, the five members — Milk (Nick Yeh), Ady (Edy Hsiao), Toro (Kuo Wei-yun), Hsieh Kun-da and Chang Shu-wei — went their separate ways.

On Tuesday (Aug 22), Taiwanese media CTWANT reported that all five former members of Energy have signed on with Mayday's artiste management company B'in music.

Energy performed at Mayday's concert in Kaohsiung earlier this year in April — their first stage reunion in 20 years.

In June, Milk, 43, posted photos of them on Facebook and asked: "If all five members formed a new band, and two of them are fathers, would anybody support them?" This triggered much discussion among fans.


"The girls are ready to fight for concert tickets!" Taiwanese singer Tien Du said excitedly.


"I have liked Energy since my school days. Now I am a father, it's not a big deal. I tell my kids, 'This is your dad's favourite band when he was young. Two of them are fathers now, but they are still very handsome,'" another wrote fondly.


Another added: "You guys are even better-looking than the guys in their twenties, there is no reason I won't support you."

Since debuting in 2002, Energy has encountered many changes.

Toro left in 2003 due to management disputes and joined another boy band Typhoon.

In 2005, Milk left to focus on dance and later formed his own artiste management company.

In 2007, Gary Tang joined Ady, Kun-da and Shu-wei, and Energy became a four-member group.


They released a total of six albums and one compilation album from 2002 to 2009, at which point the band was dissolved and they went their separate ways.

Ady also reportedly revealed that the band's ex-manager Huang Zhen-hsuen caused rifts between the members and cheated band members of their money.

Only in their twenties when they first debuted, all members are now in their forties.

Shu-wei actively acts in drama series and movies. The 42-year-old was in Singapore in 2019 to promote one of his latest shows, 76 Horror Bookstore First Series — Tin of Fear, at the Asia TV Forum & Market. He told AsiaOne then that they still keep in contact and meet up every year on July 12, the day the band was launched.

Ady, 41, still acts in dramas and musicals and married a non-celebrity in 2007 and has three children.

Kun-da, 41, is currently a television host and married Taiwanese actress Alice Ko in 2017.

Milk has been married to his non-celebrity wife since 2012 and currently runs an artiste management company.

Toro, 41, mainly works behind-the-scenes as a producer and is president of his own media company. He has no public social media account and little is known about his personal life.

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