23 pieces of luggage, 450kg: Wu Chun and family move to China

23 pieces of luggage, 450kg: Wu Chun and family move to China
PHOTO: Instagram/Wu Chun

Former Fahrenheit member Wu Chun and his family have successfully completed their journey from Brunei to China, but this isn't just any tourist trip.

For Wu Chun and his family, this trip signifies new beginnings for them.

"We've moved to China," Wu Chun, 42, said on an Instagram post on Monday (March 21). "New lives, new dreams, new experiences — looking forward to creating beautiful new memories!"


The Bruneian singer-actor brought along 23 pieces of luggage which weighed a whopping total of 450kg. 

Thanking his kids (NeiNei and Max) for assisting, Wu Chun added in his post: "A family united is strength!"

While family certainly played a part in his decision to move to China, there are other reasons for him wanting to live there too.

It was reported that the former Taiwanese idol found it "important to let [his] kids experience [their] Chinese culture" on top of learning Mandarin.

Responding to comments on his Weibo on Tuesday, he also promised to bring his children "back to his hometown to pay respects to their ancestors".


"There's a lot of good in China," Wu Chun wrote, replying to another comment. "You have to believe in your motherland and how strong it is!"

Prior to his decision to move to China, however, the 14 Blades actor was set on bringing his kids to Australia, where he had studied before. After careful consideration with his wife, they chose to move to China instead.

According to Lianhe Zaobao, the Covid-19 pandemic was the reason for the shift. Wu Chun said: "We've changed our minds after the whole pandemic, as we believed that it will be a better direction for our children to study in China."

They had also travelled to China at the beginning of the year to search for schools for his daughter NeiNei. 

"Letting the kids immerse in Chinese culture and learn Mandarin — that's the most important," Wu Chun stated.

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