5 meaningful tattoos inspired by K-pop idols

BTS Jin and a soundwave tattoo that was inspired by him.
PHOTO: Twitter/방탄소년단, ĸιlιĸιna

Many K-pop fans have taken their love for K-pop to a whole new level by getting tattoos related to their favourite idols inked on their skin.

While these tattoos may seem like a passing fad - people get them because it is 'trendy' these days - that's not all there is to it.

More often than not, tattoos tell a story; and in this case, they tell the story of a fan's appreciation towards an idol that has made an impact on his/her life.

Here are five tattoos that fans have inked on themselves, inspired by their favourite K-pop idols, and the significance that they hold towards these fans.


BTS Jin.Photo: Twitter/방탄소년단

This Army (BTS's fandom name) dedicated her first tattoo to BTS's Jin with her own personal story behind it.

While BTS has always been known for their meaningful lyrics pertaining to the youth, this fan revealed that she got a tattoo of a soundwave of BTS Jin's solo track Epiphany because it was the song that "spoke to [her] the most".

The lyrics of the song speaks of self-love, and served as a timely reminder to her to love herself at a time when she was struggling with "depression, abuse and anxiety". Fortunately, she has since managed to overcome them.

The tattoo can even be played through an app on her phone. Check out her cool video of the soundwave playing!

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EXO Chanyeol.Photo: Instagram/weareone.exo Picture of Chanyeol's tattoo (L) and a fan's tattoo (R).Photo: Weibo/Pinkpink狗子

EXO-Ls (EXO's official fandom) first found out that EXO's Chanyeol had gotten a tattoo dedicated to them back in 2017, and since then, some fans have gotten a matching tattoo to his.

A picture of his tattoo can be found on his Instagram account, which reads 'L-1485'. To reciprocate his love for them, some fans have gotten a tattoo of 'E-1248'.

The correlation between the two?

L-1485 marks the date when EXO-Ls came into being - Aug 5, 2014 - while E-1248 marks the date when EXO officially made their debut - Apr 8, 2012. 

The mutual love between idol and fans sure runs deep.


GOT7 BamBam.Photo: Instagram/bambam1a

This tattoo isn't exactly related to K-pop, but it was designed by a K-pop idol. 

While fans typically decide the design of their tattoo on their own, this fan took it up a notch by asking her favourite idol to design it for her.

This Ahgase (GOT7's fandom name) was lucky enough to be invited to a fansign, where she was able to meet the members in person.

She asked BamBam to draw a flower for her because she wanted to get a tattoo of something that was personally designed by him, and he kindly obliged, albeit being worried about his drawing skills. 

Luckily, the result turned out to be pretty amazing! Seems like BamBam can add another title to his resume now. 


Monsta X.Photo: Instagram/official_monsta_x

This dedicated Monbebe (Monsta X's fandom name) showed her love for Monsta X by getting a tattoo of a clock with the time set to 5.14 inked on her arm. For the uninitiated, 5.14 (May 14) is the date when Monsta X officially made their debut back in 2015!

She even paid special attention to the details of the tattoo, such as the colour of the clock hands, which were specified to be red. 

While Monsta X does not have an official fandom colour, this fan settled on the colour red to represent the fandom. As the red clock hands are pointed to 5.14, it symbolises that "Monbebe will always be with Monsta X".



Mamamoo.Photo: Instagram/mamamoo_official


This MooMoo (Mamamoo's fandom name) showed her love for all four members of the girl group equally by getting small tattoos of a star, sun, wind and flower to represent each of them - star represents Moonbyul, sun represents Solar, wind represents Wheein and flower represents Hwasa.

Though she was initially hesitant to get the tattoos, a face-to-face meeting with the idols was all it took to make up her mind.

The reason behind it?

The bubbly girls are her "happy pills" and anything related to them cheers her up. 

What's more, the group has a song titled 'Star Wind Flower Sun', which is her favourite song as well.

Well, we don't know whether these fans will grow to regret their decision to get a K-pop related tattoo in the future, but we can definitely appreciate the stories behind them.


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