9-year-old son schools Jacelyn Tay about life on New Year's Day

PHOTO: Instagram/jacelyn_tay

Most New Year resolutions are — let's be honest — extremely difficult to commit to. 

When an incident on New Year's Day caused former actress Jacelyn Tay to lose her patience, she was promptly reminded by her nine-year-old son Zavier that she had said "2021 is the year of kindness". 

A few days ago, the 45-year-old took to Instagram to recount what had happened on New Year's Day.

She wrote: "First drive out of our house, a very young couple (maybe 18 years old) chit-chatting lovingly under a small umbrella, strolling in the middle of the one-lane road, oblivious to my car.

"I refused to spoil their mood by honking but they indeed spoilt my mood because I was rushing to my friend's house. I started scolding them in the car, 'Terrible young people. So inconsiderate. They are totally unaware that our car is behind them! That is how people get into an accident.'"

Zavier immediately said to her: "Mama, I thought you said 2021 is the year of kindness? You said we are going to practise being kind in our words and actions?"

He then added: "Mama, don't let others' mistakes become your trouble."

Jacelyn was taken aback and asked him where he had learnt that from. "No one. It comes from me," the boy told her.

Jacelyn then jokingly takes credit for his intelligence, and ended the post by sharing some parental wisdom. 

She wrote: "Children are mirrors of their parents. So hard to be a parent! Every word we say, the kids register and they either learn the same or shoot you questions for being inconsistent... I guess if we speak intelligently and wisely to them, they will also start to develop an analytical mind." 

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