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Aaron Yan reveals he's 'not friends' with Fahrenheit members and even hated some of them

Aaron Yan reveals he's 'not friends' with Fahrenheit members and even hated some of them
PHOTO: Instagram/aayan1120

They may be colleagues, but they're not friends.

Former Fahrenheit member Aaron Yan went on a Taiwanese variety show recently where he spilled the beans on his feelings towards his former mates from the Taiwanese boyband.

When asked by hosts Dee Hsu and Kevin Tsai, the 34-year-old revealed that he doesn't contact Wu Chun, Calvin Chen, and Jiro Wang, and even hated some of them previously. The group was active from 2005 to 2012.


The singer-actor told Dee that he doesn't contact them now because they're "not the people I hang out with", and not because he disliked them.

Aaron explained: "I say they're not my friends because I feel there's no need to pretend. I don't say this negatively, but I feel like we really aren't (friends). We don't communicate regularly. If you want to pretend that we're friends, how do I continue this lie?"

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Dee probed further to ask which member in particular he wasn't friends with, but Aaron replied that it was the group as a whole. "We're bandmates, but to be friends, it needs to be on a deeper level," he clarified.

"Did you ever hate them?" co-host Kevin asked.

"At times, during a particular period of time," Aaron replied. 

He admitted that it was during the time when things got competitive between the members. He also confessed he was angry at them because their values were different, especially when it came to conflicts among the fans.

"You would think that, as part of the band, with the same group of fans, you would care for all of them, but it's not the case... I'm the kind who would dissuade the fans (from fighting), but some members won't," he said.


He even alluded there was more than meets the eye when it came to the tension in the band.

When Dee asked point-blank who won't stop the fans from fighting, Aaron laughed nervously and replied coyly: "That person."

He also recounted an incident where this member's fans endangered the life of the members. According to Aaron, the fans' car cut into their vehicle's lane, causing them to swerve to the side. This was done despite numerous warnings, and Aaron chided the fans for their reckless behaviour.

When pushed further, Aaron hinted at this member's identity as "the person who is often in the news with me".

While there wasn't a definitive answer, there have been rumours that Aaron wasn't on good terms with Jiro.

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