Affected by the JJ Lin concert hiccup? You can watch his and Jay Chou’s doppelgängers perform instead

PHOTO: Instagram/Jay Chou, Screengrab/Douyin

Were you one of the bummed-out JJ Lin fans who was affected by Saturday's virtual concert glitch? 

Then you may want to try watching the pair's doppelgängers in their performances. 

We have to admit, even we were fooled for a second by their uncanny resemblance to the two pop stars.

JJ's carbon copy — who goes by the name Junjie Shaobing or Junjie Flatbread — recently went viral on Douyin, which is China's version of the video-sharing platform TikTok. 

In a series of entertaining videos, he bands together with his Jay Chou-lookalike friend to belt out a few tunes. 

To embrace their superstar appearances, they've even styled their hair like the celebrities to complete the look. 

The two doppelgängers (left image) versus the real JJ Lin and Jay Chou (right). PHOTO: Screengrab/Douyin, Screengrab/YouTube 

Unfortunately, the resemblances end there and the two men don't have angelic voices like JJ and Jay do. In fact, their singing, to put it bluntly, is quite atrocious. 

PHOTO: Screengrab/Douyin 

And it seems they are aware of this, too; in one video, they cheekily captioned it as "I feel Jay's singing is out of tune". 

PHOTO: Screengrab/Douyin 

It also looks like this has become a competition between the two because another video is captioned "Who sings worse". 

If their singing has left you with a splitting headache, you can always listen to one of the original duo's old collaborations, like the one during the International Nurses Day concert last year

It pays to look like a superstar

Apart from feeling like a celebrity when he walks down the street, Junjie Shaobing also seems to have used this overnight stardom to his business's benefit. 

JJ Lin's doppelgänger tending to his shaobing stand. PHOTO: Screengrab/Douyin 

He currently owns a shaobing — also known as a Chinese sesame flatbread — stand and sales weren't doing too well, to the point where he would have plenty of leftovers at the end of the day. 

"Today's business isn't so good so I'm closing the stall early. If any fans on Douyin drop by, I'll give these out for free," he says in Mandarin in a video uploaded to his Douyin account a few months back.

However, once he went viral, things started looking up and the footfall at his shaobing stand increased

Looking like a celebrity sure has its benefits! 

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