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Andy Hui spotted at Sammi Cheng's rehearsal; could he be performing at her concert?

Andy Hui spotted at Sammi Cheng's rehearsal; could he be performing at her concert?

Has the storm passed for power couple Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui?

It's been a tumultuous time for this celebrity couple since Andy's affair with actress Jacqueline Wong was revealed via a leaked video clip in April.

Since then, all's been quiet for the Cheng-Hui household apart from Sammi's only response on Instagram where she forgave her hubby and expressed her willingness to mend the relationship.

Sammi and Andy have been spotted out and about after that but they haven't been seen together.

In fact, it seems that Sammi's been focusing on preparing for her concert tour which starts tonight (July 12) in Hong Kong.


However, Hong Kong media claimed to have spotted Andy at Sammi's rehearsal yesterday (July 11), giving rise to speculations that he might be performing at her show.

According to China Press, Sammi apparently scheduled Andy's performance in an attempt to rehabilitate his image and hopes that fans will be able to forgive him as well.


Hong Kong media also reported that Andy has been spending more time at home to show his sincerity in patching things between the two.

As Sammi has been busy with rehearsals lately, Andy has requested helpers to prepare her meals and give her massages so she can relax after a hard day's work.

Sammi has a history of depression and even spoke about how dealing with it changed her for the better.


Recently, a Hong Kong magazine spotted Andy out running with Hong Kong singer-songwriter, Edmond Leong.

He was smiling and seemed to be in high spirits.

When asked if Sammi was still mad at him, he apparently replied: "She's not angry with me anymore."

Does this mean that we'll see him at Sammi's concert tonight then?

Guess we'll find out soon enough.

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