'This assistant wants to harm you every second': Angela Chang jokes but aide's blunder leaves her eye swollen

'This assistant wants to harm you every second': Angela Chang jokes but aide's blunder leaves her eye swollen
Angela Chang's eye was swollen after she tried to remove her false eyelashes.
PHOTO: Weibo/Angela Chang

Makeup enthusiasts out there, what's the verdict on putting long-lasting glue on your face?

In a Weibo post on Monday (Nov 14), Angela Chang shared a video of her attempts to remove a false eyelash that she had glued on, not with any other eyelash glue, but a quick-drying one that claims to last for 90 days.

Said Angela, 40, as she fiddled with the eyelash using a brush while in a vehicle: "I want to remove this eyelash but I can't!"

Her male assistant was the one who bought the glue for her.

Speaking to him, the Taiwanese singer asked him to repeat what he said he had bought.

The assistant replied that it was an eyelash glue that claimed to last 90 days. 

"90 days!" Angela turned to the camera to reiterate.

She added dramatically: "These days, finding an assistant isn't easy. This assistant wants to harm you every second!"

Stating that he has never put on false eyelashes before, the assistant explained that his choice of glue was because he was afraid a strong gust of wind would blow Angela's fake eyelashes away.


But even with different brands of eyelash glue, nothing of that sort has ever happened to her before, Angela said, as she continued to pick at the eyelash with her brush.

By the time the eyelash had peeled off just a little, her left eye was already swollen, likely from the constant irritation.

Getting desperate, she turned to her supporters for advice.

As she shared her story online, responses from fans flowed in and she read the comments aloud.

One laughed and said: "How cute!"

Another said: "Ask the shop (that sold the glue), or else go to a doctor for help."

One user also optimistically commented: "The eyelash will eventually fall off one day!"

Laughing at the comments, Angela also intermingled her glee with tears as she cried.

"Just who did I provoke for this to happen?" She sobbed. "What if I can't remove the eyelashes?"

Thankfully, Angela managed to have them removed once she returned to her room in Shanghai.

As she laid on her pillow, she teared up again, possibly in relief that her ordeal was over.

"A single tear," she said, pointing at her right eye as a lone drop rolled down her face. "She (the person who helped her remove the eyelashes) told me that there was a little something on my face. I told her it was my tears."

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