Aunty Lucy made surprise appearance at Star Awards 2022. This is how Dennis Chew transformed in 5 seconds

It was a night of surprises at the Star Awards 2022 as Dennis Chew brought back one of his most well-loved personas, Aunty Lucy. 

Explaining the reason for her guest appearance at tonight's awards ceremony, Dennis, 48, credits fellow actor Chen Hanwei, who was also the designer of his suit.

Dennis told AsiaOne in a backstage interview: "He said that he really loves Auntie Lucy, he feels that I gained recognition because of this woman, so he felt that she should make a comeback. So we thought of a way for her to appear in five seconds.

"Actually during the rehearsal yesterday I was fumbling quite a bit, because I had to hold the trophy as well, but [the transformation] felt quite smooth just now."

Dennis even showed us how the magic behind the transformation. He pulled back his blazer, revealing that the white shirt was actually just a layer which covered Auntie Lucy's green blouse. He also hid a pearl chain underneath his suit. 

"Thankfully I didn't have to wear the bra, otherwise it would be too obvious. We didn't want anyone to know... I really liked the reveal, all credit goes to Chen Hanwei, he's really a genius."

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