Star Awards 2022: Dennis Chew is going back to school, worries about using a MacBook

He may be an All-Time Favourite Artiste now, but the journey isn't over for Dennis Chew. 

While receiving his Star Awards All-Time Favourite Artiste Award yesterday (April 24) alongside fellow actor Zheng Geping, the 48-year-old revealed on stage that he would be starting school at Ngee Ann Polytechnic today.

During an interview backstage, he elaborated that he had enrolled in the Chinese Media & Communication course. 

"I decided that I wanted to return to school last year, but I didn't know which school to enrol in, but I realised many in the industry came from Ngee Ann Polytechnic's Chinese Media & Comms."

His motivation? He wants to understand his job from a new perspective and also get an idea of what the youth want nowadays. 

"I'm very nervous, happy and excited," said the radio DJ. "I even went to the store on campus to buy several Ngee Ann Poly T-shirts, I'm so proud that I'm a part of the school!" 

In fact, during his orientation last week, some students spotted him and asked if he was going to be their new lecturer. 

"I said I would be attending classes with them and they exclaimed, 'Don't bluff!'... Maybe they'll realise I'm serious after watching Star Awards," he laughed. 

As excited as he is to be a student again, Dennis admitted that he's worried about not being able to use his MacBook. 

"Because all of our work has to be submitted with a MacBook and I'm bad with computers, so I'm worried that I won't be able to keep up in that aspect." 

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