Barbie Hsu says she's divorcing husband Wang Xiaofei after 10 years of marriage

PHOTO: Instagram/ barbiehsu_das

Celebrity rumours are usually just rumours. But this time, the one surrounding Barbie Hsu turns out to be true after all.

This morning (June 5), the Taiwanese actress admitted to Taiwan Apple Daily that she is divorcing her Chinese husband, 39-year-old businessman Wang Xiaofei, whom she married in March 2011. The two got hitched after meeting four times over 49 days.

"Working on the divorce papers now, I can't comment on his words and actions," the 44-year-old said. The couple have a daughter and a son.

Despite this disclosure, the people around her seem to be either unaware of her decision or denying it.

When asked, Wang reportedly told reporters that he was unaware of the divorce.

Similarly, when reporters spoke with Barbie's mother, she said: "Barbie said it in a fit of anger. What divorce? I will talk to her. Both Barbie and Xiaofei worry about their children. I will ask both of them to bear with it for the time being."

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Is their marriage on the rocks? Nope, say Barbie Hsu and hubby

Barbie's manager also said: "They only had a fight. Which husband and wife don't quarrel? It's nothing."

However, according to friends of the couple, this isn't simply a rash decision on Barbie's part.

Allegedly, she has considered a divorce since last year and there are reportedly three reasons for it. Firstly, both have differing values and principles. Next, they also drifted apart after she decided to live in Taipei permanently. Lastly, Wang often posts controversial political comments on his Weibo, resulting in fights between the couple.

For instance, in a Weibo post uploaded in the wee hours today, he slammed the Covid-19 situation in Taiwan while praising how China has handled it.

Screengrab from Weibo/ 汪小菲

He wrote: "This is what I observed when I returned to China after three quarantines. The demand in China is high. We've begun business and signed deals with 10 stores.

"But my family in Taipei are not able to get vaccinated at all. This is too shameless, too low-class. This is the difference and comparison. Our company is thriving but the situation in Taiwan is bleak.

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"To my hotel colleagues in Taipei, it has been tough on you. If you can't work there anymore, I have many hotels in China waiting for you to manage, with your salaries doubled."

Then shortly after noon today, Wang appeared to regret his words and posted again on Weibo: "I was too worried about my family, and so I said some unpleasant things yesterday. Emotions can indeed become easily agitated during the Covid-19 pandemic. I hope my family can be safe and healthy."

In 2019, there were already rumours that the couple's marriage was on the rocks, but they rubbished it then.

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