The Batman drops extended funeral scene clip and it's intense


As we loom closer to the release of The Batman, Warner Bros and DC Comics have been releasing a myriad of trailers and engagement content such as the OST over the weekend, as well as Riddler's secret website to ramp up the excitement.

Most recently, a clip from the movie has surfaced online revolving around the funeral scene that shortly appeared in the previous teasers.

PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/ReckVinci

In the clip, we see Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne attending a funeral of what seems like a fallen Gotham City law enforcement officer or a government official.

As he settles down, Detective Jim Gordon (played by Jeffrey Wright) is seen speaking to another policeman about the disappearance of one of his colleagues named Coulson.

A car suddenly comes crashing through the pews of the church and the missing person steps out of the vehicle with a bomb locked around his neck, his hands above his head, mouth gagged and a message to Batman strapped to his chest.

Despite it being a relatively short clip, it amazingly displayed the kind of Batman Pattinson would be - fearless, observant and thus far, brilliant.

Although fans only got a short glimpse of Riddler, it is clear that he is no villain that can easily be taken down.

Watch the full clip below:

The Batman premieres on March 4, 2022.

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