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Bella Hadid reportedly splits from boyfriend Marc Kalman

Bella Hadid reportedly splits from boyfriend Marc Kalman
PHOTO: Instagram/bellahadid

Bella Hadid has reportedly split from Marc Kalman.

The 26-year-old model and Marc called time on their romance in the spring after two years of dating.

A source told Entertainment Tonight: "They were very in love, but the relationship ultimately ran its course and they decided to end things."

"Bella is a very nice person, but struggles with the pressures of fame."

Bella and Marc's split has been described as "amicable".

The brunette beauty is currently receiving daily treatment for her Lyme disease, according to an insider.

The source said: "Bella is taking some much-deserved time off to treat her Lyme disease."

"She is not in rehab and has never had an alcohol or drug problem. Her split from Marc was amicable and she is always someone who takes care of herself and has been very open about it."

Earlier this year, Bella opened up about her struggles with Lyme disease.

The model - who also had dental issues after developing an infection in 2022 - admitted that she can't stand seeing her own reflection in the mirror.

In a post on TikTok, she said of her tooth issues: "Basically, the nerve pain from my jaw ended up going down my entire meridian of my body, and to the touch, everywhere all the way down my body through all my lymph nodes."

"This pain, man. Something real different. Real different."

Bella added: "Inflamed by the jaw. Lyme flare up, adrenal fatigue, infected tooth jaw and gut, leaky gut coming through my skin, chronic exhaustion, dehydration, chronic depression and fatigue, face inflammation, face and body in excruciating pain, brain inflammation, migraines ..."

She went on to explain that her health problems have taken a toll on her appearance.

She said: "You can only wonder why my face changes the way it doesn't and this is why. End of story. That's why I hate looking in the mirror or taking pictures, especially lately, truly wanting to throw up at the sight of myself constantly."

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