BTS' Jimin deletes Christmas video after V was seen next to an e-cigarette

PHOTO: Screengrab/Allkpop

Since pop idols are under microscopic scrutiny most of the time, any habit or behaviour that is deemed unsavoury becomes fodder for intense Internet chatter.

According to an article on Allkpop, Tae-hyung (also known by his stage name V) from Korean superstar boyband BTS set tongues wagging over Christmas when a home-made festive video uploaded by his bandmate Jimin accidentally showed him with an e-cigarette beside his head.

Before anyone could whisper "sabo", the video was quickly taken down. Still, eagle-eyed netizens had already taken screengrabs of the offending footage and sparked a heated discussion on fan sites and social media.

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Some say the singer, who turns 24 next Monday (Dec 30), is old enough to make his own decisions. Being in the K-pop industry is stressful and he needs an outlet to chill, they said.

Others wrote that they are worried about V's health, and that being spotted with an e-cigarette would taint his image if the media picks it up. (Sorry, too late.)

Singaporeans would probably say: "Do whatever you want, just don't get caught lah."