Carina Lau feels bad for hubby Tony Leung because he has to eat clean in preparation for Marvel role

Carina Lau feels bad for hubby Tony Leung because he has to eat clean in preparation for Marvel role

The prep work for a new role can be notoriously difficult and it's not uncommon to see actors going through dramatic transformations.

Just look at Chris Pratt's fab-to-fit journey for his turn as Star Lord in Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy.

Now, another actor is set to go through a transformation of his own and it's none other than acclaimed Hong Kong actor, Tony Leung Chiu-wai, who is making his Hollywood debut as Marvel villain The Mandarin in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

And it's even prompted his wife, veteran actress Carina Lau, to feel bad for him.

At the press conference for the 4th International Film Festival and Awards Macao on Tuesday (Nov 5), the 53-year-old actress said to Hong Kong media: "Tony is now preparing for his role in the Marvel film and they will start filming next January. He's not taking it lightly and has started exercising because there are many action scenes to shoot.

"When you're filming these kinds of shows, you also have to maintain a fit physique and eat clean. It's so sad!"

She also revealed that she makes the necessary dietary arrangements for him so he can focus on the role.

Thankfully, Tony is already quite physically active and has recently started learning how to surf. Carina herself has attributed her youthful looks to her active lifestyle and engages in many forms of workouts — from ping pong to hiking, and even snowboarding.

As for whether the couple works out together, Carina clarified that they don't.

"We enjoy different exercises. I like being in the sky while he likes being in the water — he's more practical in that sense," she laughed.


Not surprising considering that she revealed to Singapore media last Sunday (Nov 3) that she's not a fan of surfing.

"It was already hard for me to learn snowboarding and I am terrified of the (ocean) waves rushing towards me," she said at that time.

Carina also went paragliding in Switzerland recently as a way to overcome her fear. She posted photos of the experience with the caption: "Sometimes the results don't matter, the journey of overcoming your fear is more meaningful."


When asked about it, she said that her next challenge is to try bungee jumping.

She explained: "I wanted to try it previously but there was a long queue. I was worried that I would be photographed before I even had a chance to try it so I skipped it. However, I have plans to do it next year while I still can."

Another thing that she wants? More scripts to review and acting roles to choose from.

She told Hong Kong media that she feels envious that Tony never runs out of scripts to read. While she has looked at some scripts, she has yet to choose a role because she's focusing on her role as Tony's manager.

However, she did tell Singapore media previously that she hopes to try something she's "never done before".


Carina described: "Like a lady who lives next door and is above 50 years old; a woman who's going through menopause or someone starting to suffer from Alzheimer's. These kinds of characters who are unsure about where they fit into their families, workplace, and society."

And guess what?

The Hong Kong beauty even has no qualms playing an ugly character.

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