Cecilia Cheung crashes server with 1st Douyin sales livestream

PHOTO: Weibo/张柏芝

As most of us start checking out deals and discount codes ahead of the 11.11 sales, one celebrity has already gotten Chinese netizens into a buying frenzy.

Hong Kong singer-actress Cecilia Cheung recently went on Douyin — the Chinese version of TikTok — to host a sales livestream for the first time and netizens were enamoured.

She attracted a million viewers within 10 minutes of her appearing onscreen, and her session drew a total of 27.6 million viewers. It's not certain how long it lasted.

According to media reports, the 41-year-old was quite the savvy salesperson, stressing that she has personally tried all the products that she was recommending.

"My eldest son complained that the air is too try so I got this lip balm for him," she cooed. Lucas, 14, is her son with ex-husband, actor-chef Nicholas Tse.

When promoting beauty products, she coaxed male netizens to take good care of their complexion so that they would leave a good impression on women.

Cecilia even sold rice during the livestream, telling viewers to eat rice when they are unhappy.

Her tactics — which included dancing the Para Para Sakura with the crew — and popularity worked phenomenally. The server hosting the sales platform crashed at one point but she was still the top seller for the day, clocking over 61.16 million yuan (S$12.9 million) in sales.

Perhaps this could be a new career for Cecilia. As she said, her Chinese name read backwards sounds like 'livestreamer Cheung'.

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