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Influencer uses AI to show him kissing Dilraba Dilmurat, claims fans attacked him in office

Influencer uses AI to show him kissing Dilraba Dilmurat, claims fans attacked him in office
PHOTO: Weibo

You might be jealous of the actor kissing your celebrity crush on screen, but trying to insert yourself into the narrative may not be the best idea.

According to Chinese paper Oriental Daily, a Chinese influencer known as Hong Liang used artificial intelligence (AI) technology to make it seem like he was kissing famous Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmurat.

Hong used special effects to edit himself onto lead actor Yang Yang's face in scenes from the romantic-comedy series You Are My Glory, which Dilraba co-stars in. One scene was a kiss between the two leads.

The clip went viral on Chinese social media, causing an uproar among many netizens who demanded him to delete the clip, while others accused the man of crossing a line.

Hong claimed that some angry Dilraba fans even stormed into his office and assaulted him, leaving him with wounds and injuries over his face.

"A few Dilraba fans, all of whom appeared to be in their 20s, tracked down my location and came into my office, and this happened," he wrote in a post.

The video was subsequently deleted.

Hong proceeded to upload a photo of himself with the bruises and scars from the altercation, which shocked many online.

However, some netizens felt no sympathy for him.

One netizen quipped: "I thought the fans were too much, but even after seeing this clip, I also feel like punching him".

Another netizen, on the converse, still felt that the fans "are too crazy".

Dilraba is one of the most famous actresses in China, boasting a whopping 78 million followers on Weibo.

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