Chinese actor Elvis Tsui gets 'face-swopped' as Aquaman, Thor - and the results are glorious

PHOTO: Weibo, YouTube

You could be watching Aquaman with the face of Chinese actor Elvis Tsui in the lead role and be none the wiser.

Don't believe us? 

A five-minute clip circulating on the internet the past week has amused and baffled viewers with its nifty 'face-swop' technique, reportedly aided by artificial intelligence (AI).

In the video, which went viral on Weibo, talented graphic artists superimposed Elvis' face onto those of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa) in the Marvel superhero movies.

And the result is glorious.

So seamless are the effects, some viewers have been left scratching their heads. 

Jason Momoa or Elvis Tsui? See what we mean? Photo: Weibo

"Was anything done? It looks the same!" wrote one Weibo commenter.

Mind-blown.Photo: Weibo

"What, what did Thor and Aquaman look like previously?" and "Although I don't know about AI, you can't deceive me, were their faces changed at all?" were some other comments.

Thor, is that you?Photo: Weibo

Elvis himself was equally impressed and reposted the video on his social media. "My face?!" he commented. 

Photo: Weibo

Fans of Hong Kong cinema may remember the 57-year-old for his fierce look and intense gaze. He is also known for starring in a string of Hong Kong soft-core movies and martial art films in the 1980s and '90s. 

The real Elvis Tsui. Photo: Weibo More of the real Elvis Tsui. Photo: Weibo

Note to Hollywood: if you're casting your next superhero, you know where to look.

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