Coronavirus: Joey Yung 'busks' impromptu at Paris train station after concert was cancelled

Joey Yung serenading her fans (left) at a train station in Paris.
PHOTO: Screengrab from Instagram/yungchoyee

Her concert may have been cancelled, but Hong Kong singer Joey Yung is going to sing regardless.

The 39-year-old is now on her Love in Europe tour; however, she's had to cancel her Paris stop due to the coronavirus outbreak. Yet, she surprised fans with an impromptu performance of her iconic hit Chuo Qi after she ran into them at a Paris train station. 

She shared the clip on her Instagram page yesterday (Mar 4).

The songstress wrote on her post: "When we were heading out to Hague yesterday, we met four fans at the train station. They were supposed to attend the Paris concert so as a consolation, I decided to put on an impromptu performance of my first hit and the train station happened to have a piano as well."

In her video, Joey added: "Unfortunately, my concert in Paris has been cancelled but since I came all the way here, I should perform. Let's do a busking performance."

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The video, which is almost two-minutes long, showed her playing the piano while showcasing her hauntingly beautiful vocals which even drew the attention of some passers-by. She ended off the video by calling fans to come to the Netherlands for her next concert stop should they want to hear more.

Her incredible performance was praised by commenters and even caught the eye of Cantopop queen Sammi Cheng who gave her plenty of clapping emojis. She also wrote: "It's not easy to play the piano and sing at the same time."

PHOTO: Screengrab from Instagram/yungchoyee

Joey's manager Mani Fok also commented and said: "As long as one is passionate about music, everywhere is a stage."

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