Crazy stuff on Instagram today: Fann Wong wearing a ski mask, Gurmit 'Rambo' Singh, and others

PHOTO: Screengrabs from Instagram/ fannaiaiwong, gurmit.65

Every day, there's bound to be a celebrity posting something so startlingly strange that you do a double take when you see it. Here's what's brewing on Instagram this week among some of our favourite stars. 

Fann Wong's new bizarre beauty tip?

PHOTO: Screengrab from Instagram/ fannaiaiwong

Mediacorp's Ah Jie turns 50 today (Jan 27), and the phrase "Asians Don't Raisin" rings true for the ever-so-youthful Fann Wong. But perhaps the reason behind her ageless beauty lies in a particularly bizarre beauty habit.

Her Instagram story, which is now unavailable, showed the actress in a car with her actor husband Christopher Lee.

While our sunny weather has been nothing short of amazing, it must have been too strong for her. She told Christopher, 49 that she might have to do "this" to block out the sun. 

Her choice of sunblock? A ski mask, and this is not an exaggeration.

Maybe it's to maintain her fair skin or to prevent sun damage. However, regardless of the reasons, perhaps this could be a new fad we can add to our skincare routines? Conveniently, it might also double up as a mask during coronavirus times. Who knows?

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Gurmit Singh is the new Rambo?

You may know him in his most iconic role Phua Chua Kang, the contractor who is the best in Singapore, JB and some say Batam, but did you know about his special appearance in Rambo? Well, sort of. 

Gurmit Singh posted a video on his Instagram yesterday, and using the Reface app, morphed himself into one of Sylvester Stallone's famous film roles. He captioned the video: "If I were someone else. #rambo. Whenever I watch Rambo or Rocky, I feel very motivated to go to the gym. What motivates you? To the gym I mean. Not the buffet :-)"

Is anyone petitioning to have Gurmit in an Asian spoof remake of Rambo? Because the edit seems too good for us to just brush it away!

Eleanor Lee already 'rolling' her face into beauty

PHOTO: Screengrabs from Instagram/ eleanorleex

The quest for good skin continues as another local celebrity was also found up-keeping her skin with a trending beauty gadget: a vibrating facial roller. 

2020 saw an increase in interest in vibrating facial rollers on social media, where it was popularised by influencers and A-list celebrities alike. Singapore's rising darling Eleanor Lee seems to be into it, too. 

In her Instagram story, her make-up artist was seen using the gadget on her face. "The vibrations make my teeth numb", Eleanor, 21, added the caption into the video. 

Looks like it's time for me to jump on the bandwagon! I could use a little uplifting on my face.

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Messy car boot is "fashionable" for Pornsak

PHOTO: Screengrab from Instagram/ leeteng0530

"Does this spark joy?" I bet you immediately know who I'm talking about, so I ask you to keep that in mind as we have a celebrity who might need the help of Marie Kondo, the popular Japanese tidying expert.

In local TV host Lee Teng's Instagram Story, he was heard being exasperated about his friend's messiness: "Look at Pornsak's car boot, what is this?!" 

Pornsak, also a TV host, got cheekily defensive, calling it "fashionable". Lee Teng retorted back: "You need Marie Kondo to come help you, wah biang eh!"

So, I guess mess and clutters do spark joy for Pornsak. I'm not here to judge, although looking from the video, it's for sure that storage experts are hoarders, as my friend Marie would say.