Dasmond Koh: 'I'm sorry that I could not bring a healthy Aloysius back home'

A teary Dasmond Koh apologised to media gathered at Changi Airport's Terminal 3 on Thursday, for not being able to bring home a 'healthy Aloysius' from a Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) military exercise in New Zealand.

Local actor and NoonTalk Media artiste Aloysius Pang died on Wednesday (Jan 23), after suffering serious chest and abdominal injuries from the accident involving a Singapore Self-Propelled Howitzer (SSPH).

His manager Dasmond was joined by Aloysius' second-eldest brother, Kenny Pang, 32, at a press conference this evening (Jan 24) at 9.15pm, after returning to Singapore from Auckland.

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"To everyone who loved Aloysius, I'm sorry that I could not bring a healthy Aloysius back home from this New Zealand trip... I know that that was what everyone hoped.

"But if he got tired and felt like it was time to let go, we should just let him go in peace," said the late actor's manager at the end of the 15- minute conference, with tears welling up in his eyes.

Despite looking exhausted and weary, both of them held back their emotions to field some questions from the floor.

Dasmond revealed that Aloysius’ family and himself are arranging for the 28-year-old actor’s body to be brought back to Singapore as soon as possible.

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Among the most immediate decisions to be made as well is deciding if they will be holding a memorial service for the actor, so that fans and colleagues can pay their last respects and bid a final farewell to Aloysius.

Dasmond was at times tearful throughout the 15-minute press conference, while Kenny remained calm throughout. Kenny: "Aloysius (as a brother) is as transparent in real life as he is on screen."

Posted by AsiaOne on Thursday, January 24, 2019

"That is the most important thing now -- we will let everyone know in the next one to two days," said Dasmond.

Throughout the 15-minute press conference, Dasmond choked back tears several times while Kenny looked composed, answering questions from reporters when Dasmond could not.

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Despite flying to New Zealand as soon as they could, Kenny shared that they did not manage to interact with Aloysius as he was in an unconscious state when they got to the hospital. 


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