Dennis Chew moves into his new HDB maisonette home just in time for Chinese New Year

PHOTO: Dennis Chew

Local radio DJ Dennis Chew is teasing his Instagram followers with a sneak peek at his newly renovated HDB maisonette.

Yesterday (Feb 15), the 47-year-old went on the social media platform to announce that he moved into his new place and shared a group photo that he took in the living room. He wrote: "Yay! A new house for a new year!"

Not much else can be seen of the interior except for lighted wooden panels on the wall and a long white bench. Last August, after he announced the purchase of his new digs which cost $500,000, Dennis said that he was going to let his interior designer surprise him on the design concept. 

He told AsiaOne that his designer eventually settled on a contemporary minimalist design.

"He is smart to make it that way and I actually have many hidden spaces to keep my stuff. I love it! I thought my house would be very colourful but it turned out to be very white," Dennis said over a WhatsApp interview, adding that the lighting in his new home "is one of the key highlights".

When asked if he has a favourite place or room in his home, Dennis replied: "I like every part. My friends said my house is very Instagrammable."

The entire renovation would have cost him more than $200,000 but he shared that it was "mostly sponsored". The renovation works started last July and was mostly completed a week before Chinese New Year. However, he admitted that there was still some work left to be done on parts of the ceiling and cabinets that have yet to be installed.

Everything will be completed by the end of March though, he said.

That said, it hasn't stopped him from moving in and he also intends to host some small gatherings — "in compliance with the government rules and regulations" of course.

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