Did Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse get hitched secretly?

PHOTO: Weibo, Instagram/chefniccookies

If you like it then you should have put a ring on it.

Now, the question is — did Nicholas Tse, 38, finally pop the question to girlfriend Faye Wong in secret?

The 50-year-old Chinese diva was spotted at a Beijing airport yesterday (Sept 5) with a new bling on her left ring finger, prompting speculations that the pair got hitched in secret.

Faye was decked out in a plain black outfit and carrying a backpack. Eagle-eyed fans noticed the ring when she was holding onto the strap which stood out like a sore thumb.

She was recognised by fans who requested for photos and she graciously agreed to their requests.

While netizens are rooting for the pair, some have also pointed out that the ring could just be an accessory.

Nicholas and Faye. PHOTO: Weibo

After all, it was just last month that the stability of their relationship was called into question after Faye had an intimate celebration for her 50th birthday while Nicholas was filming in Shanghai and tucking into a relaxing post-work dinner.

Both Nicholas and Faye coupled up in June 2000 and they broke up two years later, following speculation that Nicholas was two-timing Faye with Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung.

They reconciled in 2014 when Chinese media spotted the pair canoodling in Faye's apartment.

Since then, their relationship has been smooth-sailing and we can't help but root for them as well.