Did Rebecca Lim just forgive Ian Fang?

PHOTO: Instagram/Rebecca Lim

Rebecca Lim updated her Instagram last night (May 22) at around 10pm, in what seems to be an encouragement to her rumoured beau, Ian Fang.

Last week, Ian's steamy DMs with Carrie Wong were leaked and published, causing many to question if they're just "good friends".

Carrie's boyfriend, Boris Lin, then chastised Ian and told him to "stop trying to get between (our) relationship" and to "respect himself and his friends."

They have since made peace and agreed to move on.

As for Rebecca, she has kept mum until last night.

"More love, less hate. Wishing you sunshine always," Rebecca wrote on Instagram. The caption was accompanied by three 'heart' emojis and a flower emoji.

Was this a shout-out to the public to embrace more love?

To shower Ian and Carrie with more kindness?

Or was this a shout-out to "good friend" Ian to stay strong?

Perhaps this was just a random musing - that with more "love", there will be less "hatred"?

Her IG post has garnered the support of fellow celebrities such as Xiang Yun, Felicia Chin, Zoe Tay, and others.

They left 'heart' emojis in the comments as a form of encouragement. Zoe even added the 'strong arm' emoji, as a way of saying "stay strong".

Such comments and support seem to imply that Rebecca was hurt by the scandal.

In recent years, there have been many rumours surrounding Rebecca and Ian's friendship and whether the pair have been dating.

When Rebecca said "Thank you" during her acceptance speech at the Star Awards in April, the camera panned over to Ian.

Both of them have never officially confirmed the rumours and Ian had also previously claimed that they are only "good friends".

Although the relationship was never confirmed publicly, many industry insiders felt sorry for Rebecca and previously left comments on her Instagram when the scandal broke on May 14.


Karen Yew, head of Corporate Marketing and Communications of Mediacorp told Shin Min Daily News that Ian has no comments.

Ian himself has also not made any comments on her Instagram post.


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